Andrea FACE Facelli – Black X-Mas

Andrea FACE Facelli - Black X-Mas

16.12.2021 - 10.01.2022

Black X-mas represents a unique series of Black Virgins, a result of the intense experiences the artist went through in his life. He provokes the audience by bringing out continuous contrasts, playing between what is sacred and what is profane, mixing classic elements with contemporary ones, always in a romantic but macabre way. At the heart of the artist’s vision is the original color black. Virgin was gold, it was pure. Today, after two thousand years, it’s dark grey. The Black Virgin is now covered with a layer of volcanic ash, the symbol of the ego and the sin of humankind against life and nature. Only a few parts are still in gold, as a witness of its original purity and kindness.

FACE grew up in the 80's, in the midst of the international skate craze. From this time, he became one of the first Italian artists to participate in Aerosol bombing, obsessively and copiously gaining presence in unauthorized spaces of all kinds. At the same time, he began applying his rigorous aesthetic to graphic design. This passion brought him to create two clothing lines: Supernova and Letal Entertainment. He designed and produced clothing pieces as well as created graphics and accessories. He mixes the sacred and profane to create a magnetic and disquieting aesthetic. He has collaborated with various international brands such as Wacko Maria, FUCT, Vlone, Nike, Slam Jam, Le Fix, Son of the cheese, Zoltar, Gourmet, Snafu, and Tokyo Black Star. During his artistic career, his artworks have been collected by inspiring people like Luca Benini, ASAP Rocky, Edwin Faeh, Atsuhiko Mori, John Buscemi and Edison Chen.