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NFT Collections

Drop N.01, investigates the innovative art and design methods granted by the NFT system and the WEB3 space in collaboration with American Visual Artist, Jonathan Monaghan, creating the collection “Apollo Belvedere”. In the outlands of artistic expression, the project is consecrated by the divine archer, symbol of aesthetic perfection, prophetic vision and the vital tension

Drop N.02, tells the unique story of the union between a physical and digital piece of art, combining the experience of touch with the vision of new digital spaces. In collaboration with Jonathan Monaghan, the phygital pieces bridge the elements and craft of the past with the uncertainty and digitized uncertainty of the future. The collection includes a made in Italy, Carrara marble sculpture and 3D NFT video animation.


Digital Platform

Heron Preston is a fashion designer whose eponymous label features workwear-redefined separates and accessories for both women and men. As a designer, DJ, consultant, art director, and collaborator, his work is deeply inspired by sustainability and technology.

The digital showroom, is a journey into a Hyper-Zone where the lines between real and virtual are blurred in a representation that has no limits of space and time, and it is placed between city and nature, past and future. Its protagonists are global citizens projected into a surreal utopian world, made of beautiful nature scenarios and new urban contexts, full of colors, shapes and references linked to the most important elements of Heron Preston’s path.


Fashion Digital Evolution

Together in your fashion digital evolution, from physical to the Metaverse.

Born from the encounter between the physical tradition of fashion and the most highperformance and innovative digital technologies. FUTURECLO, Phygital Fashion House, is dedicated to creating and developing innovative and eco-sustainable projects through cutting-edge digital technology.