DANIEL GONZALEZ – Spalmato a Milano

DANIEL GONZALEZ - Spalmato a Milano

03.10.2021 - 20.10.2021

A series of environmental installations framed the works 'Spalmato a Milano.’ The unique pieces, 70x100 poster paintings, are made by silkscreening phrases that are emblematic and, in some ways, magical on leftovers derived from paintings by the artist. Each room was a world unto itself named by the phrase from the work it welcomes, and in each of them, the visitor was able to literally immerse themself into the work and have different experiences all to be discovered.

From Buenos Aires, Argentina and now living and working between New York and Verona, Daniele Gonzalez’s work stems from research on the ritual of celebration and the disjunction between categories. González creates delirious worlds, full of energy, spaces of freedom where existing conventions collapse.